Summer volunteering 2019 – apply online

The application platform of SU England&Wales (Frontline) is up and running. If you are considering to help in a summer camp in Hungary, please check it out here. If you wish, you can also apply directly to SU Hungary at taborok@gmail.com

Dates for 2019:

Week 1: 29 June – 6 July – Volunteer Applications OPEN

Week 2: 6 – 13 July – Volunteer Applications OPEN

Week 3: 13 – 20 July – Volunteer Applications OPEN

Week 4: 20 – 27 July – Volunteer Applications OPEN

Apply through SU England&Wales: http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/VolunteerwithSU/WheretogoApply/Frontline/26801.id

Apply directly: http://en.szentirasszovetseg.net/2019/03/25/summer-volunteering-2019-apply-online/

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