VADÓC and the secrets on the past

A young adult novel full of secrets and adventure, it starts with a perfectly ordinary family picnic, but soon takes a strange turn. Ten-year-old Lucas and his family discover a strange boy in the woods, dirty and tattered, with no memory, no car and a fear of bathwater.
Vadóc soon turns the Schmidtsteiner family’s peaceful Christian life upside down. His honest questions and unusual ideas are not only amusing, but also make you think. Is it worth listening to the opinions of others, critically evaluating dissent and taking stock of past mistakes? Or is it possible to start afresh – like the prodigal son given a new chance by the Father?

The „Vadóc” (originally published under the title Der Schlunz) is a seven-part series of novels aimed primarily at schoolchildren. It has become a classic in Germany and has been made into a hit TV film and comic book series.