Scripture Union Hungary works with the established churches of Hungary to spread God’s good news to children, young people and families.

Christianity Explored and it’s follow up-s are run by many Churches every year in Hungary. About 250-300 children attend the summer clubs each year.

We are constantly surprised at how God can use a few resources to go a long way. Generous gifts of time, effort and money enable us to continue serving.

Here are some of the things we spend money on…
  • £100 keeps the lighting and heating on for a month.
  • £250 helps a volunteer to come to serve in a summer camp.
  • £450 pays for the office rent for one month.

Fundraising campaigns in 2024:

  • Ut-on Bible reading guide: to maintain our Ut-on project we need to pay for maintenance of the website, one person from the office to work on it at least 2 hours a day, and some extras for editing softwares and photo collections. We expect the monthly expenses to be around £300. REFERENCE: UTON
  • Ut-on application: the next logical and necessary step is the creation of a cellphone application, and we cannot wait too long with that. Our estimated range from £1.100 to 1.800. REFERENCE: UTONAPP
  • Support summer missionaries: We would like to support our summer volunteers (especially the students) in their expenses during summer. Reference: SUMMERMISSION
Transfering from abroad:
Our bank details:
Bank name: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Bank’s Address: 1075 Budapest, Karoly Korut 25.
IBAN: HU58 1174 2001 2005 8328 0000 0000

Name: Szentiras Szovetseg Alapitvany

This is also an option to donate us through WISE (


Account owner: SZENTIRAS SZOVETSEG ALAPITVANY Bank code (sort code): 23-08-01 Account number: 72136328 IBAN: GB39 TRWI 2308 0172 1363 28 Wise address: 56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ United Kingdom
Wise address: Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor Brussels 1050 Belgium

If you would like to contribute to the work of Scripture Union Hungary here are some options…


Praying for Hungary is a valuable gift. We know that praying takes time and can sometimes be hard. However we believe that God hears our prayers and answers them. Put a note on the fridge and remember us when you are hungry! (We know it’s a bad pun but it might work!!)

The gift of time

Consider volunteering your time to help on a summer club team.

One of the volunteers this year said „It was a fantastic week, with a great opportunity for making new friends, seeing new places and sharing God’s word.”  Team members can be any age over 18. Whether you are retired or a student or somewhere in between, we have a place for you!

Regular Giving

You can ask your bank to pay the same amount to Scripture Union Hungary every month. Regular giving helps us enormously because it allows us to plan our resources effectively. If you would like to help us in this way you can put money in our UK account with SU England. Email for more information.

One-time gifts

You can give a one-time gift to Scripture Union by sending a cheque to our bank account in the UK. Single donations are good ways of paying for specific projects. Email for more information.

Raising money

One church last year held a Hungarian evening to raise money for Scripture Union Hungary. In one night they made a huge difference to the work here. If you need some information to help you raise money get in touch!

Further information (The small print)

Scripture Union Hungary is a non-profit organisation. We have 4 part-time employees but we rely on volunteers in many areas. None of our staff will make their fortune working with us! We are financially accountable to our board and also to Scripture Union Europe who scrutinize our accounts.