START Series

The START series are translations of the YOLO (You’re only young once) series, group Bible study resources for over 13s. They contain relevant themes such as:

  • Why are Christians so boring?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Parties and alcohol
  • Cinema, TV and music
  • Self Worth
  • Suffering
  • Etc.

Their unique feature is the three distinct approaches to each theme. The leader may decide which approach to follow, depending on whether the group is composed of young people from whom this social event is their only church contact, Christians who mean business with the Bible, or a gathering of friends from all kinds of spiritual backgrounds. Each book contains eight programmes, with a variety of activities, worksheets for photocopying, games, and outlines for short talks.

Would you like to purchase one in Hungarian? Please write to us or click here for the Hungarian webshop.

Üzeneted Jött (You got message)

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The Üzeneted Jött (You’ve got a message) is a translation of the Word UP series which helps 11-14 year olds to meet God as they read the Bible. Each issue contains two series including six 25-minute Bible study outlines for leaders.

We have translated and have 2 issues with the following topics:

Issue 1 (blue)

Get real with God – Eleine Carr

Looking Good – Emlyn Williams

Issue 2 (red)

Pressure Points – Jenni Baker

Just like Jesus – Phil Wason