A hope we share


Our hope is in Christ – let’s share it!


Support a child 

Each year we reach out to gather aid to children who are too poor to pay the participation fee in our Bible camps.  It is your chance to help a child to come and hear the gospel!

Support a volunteer

Cannot come to a camp to help? Support someone else who ha the free time and will but lacks the financials.

In 2019 we expect around 350 kids and 50 volunteers to come to our 10 English Bible camps. Our aim is to support 4-6 kids in each camp and help any volunteers  we can in their mission.

If you want to be a part of this goal please send your donation to:

a) Give through SU England&Wales with giftaid (make a comment that you want to support a child or a volunteer in an SU Hungary camp. If you want us to decide to whom to give write: „for camps”). Link.

b) Give directly. Link.


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