Ut-on.hu starts next year

Ut-on.hu, the online youth Bible-reading guide of SU Hungary will start on the 1st of January 2024.

For many years we witnessed the number of readers of our guide slowly fading away, so this year we did a survey among our readers and youthleaders. More than 300 people filled out the form. It became apparent that if we want to reach this generation with the Word of God, we must find new ways.

Starting next year we will move Utjelzo online, but it would not be your everyday guide. At first glance we offer the reader a motivational picture, a sentence from the Bible and a short explanation. It serve as a quick „bite”, but our hope is that people would be intrigued to swipe right, read the extended passage and the explanation, even going further right and read some background. Spotify podcast would be available for each day for those reading on the road.

Certainly, this is a new and costly endeavour as Utjelzo will not be bringing in any venue, but is is crucial to reach this generation, and to motivate them to seek God daily for guidance. if you would like to support us this you can do so by clicking here.

Here is a video-summary about the project:


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