“Don’t store up treasure for yourself here on earth.”

This year, I am glad that by the grace of God, even in such a COVID situation, we have had the opportunity to testify amongst children to God’s eternal treasure. Not long ago, a preacher said that for God, the year 2020 is not wasted time, but that He will continue to work and re-create.

I served in Szada and Budapest-Fasor where I was able to see that the Lord really is at work in this year, and that he wants to use us and the children. It was interesting that I could take part in a camp on the same topic (Golddiggers) that I attended as a child 10 years ago. For me, the small group conversations at both camps were outstanding. In Szada, my group of 12-13 year olds and I were able to think about what the difference is between earthly and heavenly treasures. The girls were very interested in the topic of Heaven, so that’s what we talked about the most. It was also important and thought-provoking for me that there really are so many earthly treasures that bind us, which cannot replace the greatest treasure of eternal communion with God, the reality of Heaven. In Budapest-Fasor I thought about the stories and topics of the week with Year Three children. They were more interested in the story of creation and God as the creator. I was pleased to find that they had many questions, and some even prayed boldly for other members of the group. I am very grateful to God that I have been able to make many new friends among the helpers and children who I can intercede for.

From the Budapest-Fasor camp, I could mention a little boy who always had a big smile on his face. His joy and childish heart reminds us that the treasure that we have received through Jesus Christ, eternal life with God, should encourage us to behave similarly and store up treasure for ourselves in heaven.

Bogi Hován

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